Why is everything out of stock?

I release collections every 6-8 weeks, I recommend setting an alarm as items can sell out quite quickly. You can find the next collection date and time in the banner on the front page. If you want access to previews & release details, sign up to the Church of Sanctus mailing list.

Do you do commission/custom orders?

Not at this time, sorry about that. I often make one of a kind pieces in my collections though, so you can pick something up that’s unique. If you want to request something you’d like to see more of in my collections, drop me a comment on instagram or facebook.

Will you ship to my country?

We ship worldwide! Standard shipping is free, with the option to pay extra for expedited.

How long until my item ships?

Find all our shipping info here

Do you do free shipping/sales/discounts?

Keep an eye on our instagram and facebook for news on our next sample sale, we have them a couple of times a year and they include items worn for photoshoots and one of a kind pieces at a discount. We offer free shipping worldwide for all orders, just tick the box at checkout.

What is the 'Church of Sanctus'

I intend to make pieces that enable and empower you to truly embody your divinity. I try to make pieces that reflect your inner greatness!

Where is Church of Sanctus based?

Our studio is in East London, Hackney.

Why do your garments cost £XXX amount?

Every Sanctus garment is designed, cut, sewn, pressed and packaged by myself (Lucinda) and my 2 seamstresses in our London studio.

High street stores make thousands of garments manufactured at a very low cost overseas, often via underpaid workers in huge factories. Our prices reflect how much it costs to ethically produce clothing from start to finish in the UK, in high quality fabrics with great attention to detail.

Why are Sanctus pieces limited to small runs?

I often make my designs out of deadstock fabric, meaning there’s only a limited amount of it and can’t be repurchased. I think making designs in smalls runs instills a preciousness in the clothing, as a response to mass produced garments you find on the highstreet.

Where can I buy?

Due to the limited nature of the garments, Sanctus is not suitable for wholesale and the only place you can buy Sanctus pieces are right here on the Church of Sanctus website. Occassionally we do events & pop-ups where you can buy pieces directly from us – keep an eye on the Sanctus instagram for any news.

Can I borrow samples for a shoot?

Stylists and photographers, email contact(@)churchofsanctus.com for loan inquiries.